You want to know more about theatre reportage and the 22 years of work by Teatro di Nascosto?

You are curious to hear more about daily life in conflict countries of the Middle East?

You want to do a short intensive training to experience what the method theatre reportage is, in theory and in practice?

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Testimonies of people living in Gaza and Westbank today. 


20u00 - 21u30 (CET)

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After the ceasefire in Gaza

LIVE --- from Palestine 

21u00 - 22u30 

Arabic/English - with Italian translation

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This film was made for the festival celebrating the 20-year anniversary of Teatro di Nascosto – Hidden Theatre, from November 23 till 25 2018. The actors of Teatro di Nascosto came from several Middle East and Western countries to celebrate their anniversary in Volterra, Italy. They were asked to bring some soil or sand from the place where they live.


Made by: 

Arno Peeters/TapeTV Productions and Iris Honderdos/Art on Location.



Reportage about the work of Teatro di Nascosto and director Annet Henneman in times of corona. (In Italian) 

Reportage by: Laura Silvia Battaglia 

Editing by: Francesca Vaschetti 


The cruel reality of war 

occupation, oppression, violence...


and the struggle, hopes and dreams for a different life in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Kurdistan and other regions told by the international Theatre Reportage group of Teatro di Nascosto. Our actors and contributors live in these countries and in the western world… Daily life stories from the territories of conflict in Arabic, Italian & English.

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May - june 2021

Online theatre reportage workshops with director Annet Henneman. 

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Meanwhile Palestine 

A theatre reportage zoom performance 



Realisation of  the centre for 

information through art in Volterra

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