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Recent performances 2018  - 2020


A theatre reportage film in chapters.

Up-coming: A series of theatre reportage films featuring images, music and stories of daily life telling what is happening during coronavirus in Iraq, Kurdistan and Syria... told by actors, artists, journalists and collaborators of the international group of Teatro di Nascosto who are directly living in these areas of conflict and Europe more widely.

Chapter 1: Meanwhile in Palestine

Expected: december 2020

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Tulkarm, Palestine, February 2020 

Voices of young women and men sharing pieces of their daily life under occupation: those who live in a refugee camp, those who study while having a job at the same time, someone who dreams about her unreachable fiancée living in Gaza, a 16-year old living in prison, the difficulties of a shepherd in Jordan Valley...

The presentation of the Deal of the Century, the ongoing oppression disturbing daily life, the love for Palestine, its land, its beauty, its desire for freedom.

Poster Voices 2020.jpg

The Catwalk

  Basra, Iraq,  January 2018 

About life in Iraq in the last year: the elections, the electricity, the liberation of Mosul, life under ISIS, the bad healthcare and the unexpected earthquake.

Volterra, Italy, November 2018 

International version with actors from Iraq, Turkish Kurdistan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Palestine, Syria, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Italy. Perfomed during the international festival '20 years  theatre reportage' 

Tulkarm,  Palestine,  July 2019

The reality of life in Palestine told through real stories, original music and traditional dances.

A theatre reportage performance with actors from Italy, the Netherlands and Palestine. 

‘Catwalk – Steps’ will be performed at the Wadi Al-Shaeer Festival for culture, tourism and art in Anabta, Tulkarm (Westbank, Palestine). 

Trailer of The Catwalk in Basra, Iraq, 2018 

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