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With no regular funding we depend on independent individuals and small organisations around the world to keep our work running. We need money to maintain the website, to buy equipment for actors to record in their area, and to cover actors’ travel expenses and visa applications. 

Anyone who contributes even a small amount monthly becomes a Friend of Teatro di Nascosto and we are happy to feature you and your website on our Friends page – or not if you prefer to remain anonymous.


For donations:

Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra

IBAN: IT47F0637071221000010081217 

Teatro di Nascosto - Hidden Theatre



Our ever-growing list of organisations and inviduals who currently support Teatro di Nascosto or have supported us over the years.

Maria Grazia Gatti, Dana Abbas, Haider K Tamimi, Asaad Hail, Sophie Ramløv Barclay, Corrie Hiwat, Phillippine Hakkert, Times Square Mall Basrah, Farazdaq Qasim Kadhim, Ary Mohammed, Giovanni Cannas, Poppe Boonstra, Valeria Bertini, Grazia Pozzi, Cinzia Cacace, Grazia Tomassetti Bar il Teatro, Bar l'Incontro, Bruno Niccolini, Lucia Niccolini, Roberto Veracini, Emanuela Veracini, Vania Baroncini, Paola Stellato, Monika Jongerius - Joras, Gabriele Pasco, Cristiana Savelli, Marzia Callai, Jan Gromadzki, MkJood, Rhiannon Kelley, Ali Kareem and parents, Moritz Konig, Hauke Weber-Liel, Iris Honderdos, Silvia Pasquinucci, Margherita Masini, Cristina dell'Aiuto, Valeriy Simonchuk

Teatro di Nascosto Hidden Theatre 

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