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Seminars & workshops

Teatro di Nascosto often works together with schools, universities and other organizations. Depending on the need, Annet Henneman performs her monologue "Resistance and Dreams"; participates in conferences and works with students on interventions in the public spaces. Cooperation can be fulfilled in many ways because the work of Teatro di Nascosto combines different themes such as journalism, anthropology and theatre.

Online theatre reportage workshops

Workshop nov-dec 2020


30/6, 1/7, 2/7

19h-22h via zoom 

From Wednesday 30 June till Friday 2 July Teatro di Nascosto organizes a series of three evening seminars that introduce you in the work and method of theatre reportage.These seminars are open for anyone, no theatre experience is required.

Registration & fee

Let us know if you are joining us by sending an email to

Fee participants €175


You receive the information to complete your payment after subscribing via mail.

Your payment needs to be in order before the seminars start.

*For those having difficulties to complete the payment at once or to pay the full amount, please let us know so we can find a solution


Intensive theatre reportage training with director Annet Henneman on zoom. The workshops center around the 22 years of theatre reportage work as developed by Annet Henneman with Teatro di Nascosto. The program consists of a practical actors training, meetings with the actors of  Teatro di Nascosto who live in Iraq, Kurdistan, Palestine and Europe and an introduction to the journalistic, anthropological and psychological aspects of the method theatre reportage.

Find an overview of the

content of the workshops here


On Friday 29 January 2021 we organize a free introduction meeting to elaborate  on the workshop program and its practicalities.  

SCHEDULE WORKSHOPS (please note that all meetings are organised online via zoom)

FEBRUARY 2021 - group meetings of 2 hours

Monday: 8, 15, 22

Thursday: 4, 11, 18, 25

Final meeting: 1st of March

In between the group meetings, two individual meetings with Annet Henneman will be scheduled as well depending on the availability of the participants.


Application form for the workshops:

Return the completed form to 

Fee participants: 250€* 

You find the  information to complete your payment on the application form 


*For those having difficulties to complete the payment at once or to pay the full amount, please let us know so we can find a solution

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