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About Teatro di Nascosto

Teatro di Nascosto is led by Annet Henneman and consists of an International ensemble of actors working and living in Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Kurdistan, Ukraine, Germany, Denmark, England and the Netherlands.


The actors of Teatro di Nascosto live and work in their own country, and regularly travel to Volterra, Italy, to work on "Theatre Reportage" performances and actions.

About Theatre Reportage

"Theatre Reportage" is a method developed by Annet Henneman over the past 20 years. It is a way to bring the lives of those who live oppression, war, and occupation closer to us in the 'Western countries'. In those twenty years, Annet has traveled through conflict areas in the Middle East. She has lived with the people in these areas over extended periods of time. These highly up close and personal meetings in Palestine, Kurdistan, Iraq, Iran and Lebanon are the basis of the Theatre Reportage pieces and actions. These performances, consist of personal stories, song, dance and photos about daily life in conflict areas. They are toured in many countries and have played in theatres, public spaces, schools and the European Parliament.

Podcast Artistic Journalism 

Podcast artistic journalism


Annet Henneman tells about the method theatre reportage that brings journalism, theatre and anthropology together. The interview is part of the podcast series on artistic journalism by the interdisciplinary platform ACED. Find out more : 

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